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Текст песни heo young saeng crying, василий орехов сергей осипов клеймо зоны doc

May 14, 2011 . lyrics by: Heo Young Saeng Hey. . My heart said to me as if it is making me cry. On one rainy day . (Rainy heart) Crying together May 21, 2012 Heo Young Saeng Intimidated Lyrics from SOLO 2nd mini-Album with english translation, romanization and individual parts. More Heo Young. Solo (stylized as SOLO) is the second Korean EP of South Korean singer Heo Young-saeng. The medium-tempo pop and R&B song "Crying" was composed by Steven Lee, with lyrics by Heo. The song describes a Heo returned to the stage on KBS' Music Bank, performing "Crying" live on June 1. He performed the track.

Heo Young-Saeng is a South Korean entertainer and the main vocalist of boyband SS501. . He then released several albums more in Korea and Japan, with the hit tracks "Crying", "The Art of Seduction", "Weak Child", and "1.2.3", . which made him the first SS501 member to compose and write the lyrics

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